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20 Mar, 2020
Measuring the Menace: Corona versus Cyber Crime

Corona virus that has engulfed the world has certain stark similarities between itself and internet hacking.

The corona virus was primarily felt at the RSA conference 2020 in San Francisco.

The panic was still snowballing before it consumed the whole world and changed the global scenario.

It confronted us no doubt but even in the midst of it all it united us the mortals in to a single community of vulnerable souls despite all our worldly differences.

Ditto for cyber crime.

Hacking, much like the virus creates a global mayhem bringing the entire community of netizens together under a common privacy crisis and bounds them to face it with vigor and solve the same.

There are many other similarities as well as differences which makes the pandemic run parallel to IT security vulnerabilities.

Let's check them out.

It's unpredictable

Just like the virus hacking never tells you about its trajectory. The affected community tries hard to find out a solution to its outrage but no one is able to zero in on one plan. Time and again IT experts have tried the vendetta operation of hacking back or corrupting the culprit's files the way it did their' and failed. That has only led to attacks and counter attacks creating a global environment of generic vulnerability.

It's always snowballing

Both an epidemic as well as a hacking attack are matters of public gossip and hence meant to be more than what they originally are. Both are often made to look like life threatening, but not so much so easily. They can be challenged and resolved by acting according to the situational demands. Customized and coordinated effort goes a long way in nullifying every odd on our way.

It's unavoidable

The first action that is to be taken against a general crisis is facing it instead of useless defenses and escaping excuses. So in cases of both epidemics as well a viral vulnerability, proper analytical efforts and diligent persuasiveness to solve the crisis takes one place and not a deliberate blame game or running away from the reality.

It's always a lesson learnt

There is a flip side to every coin. While a crisis, both in the real as well as in the virtual world, can be life changing in a negative way, there is always a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. A problem, however big it may be, is always a lesson learnt about life and technology. As mentioned, since there is no universal solution to a menace of a larger magnitude, facing the problem with dexterity gives one a chance to learn the various alternatives that can be used to negotiate a particular solution.

It's a blessing in disguise

The digital world is continuously changing. So is the medical world. Since there is no end to discovering newer horizons in the human body as well as in the virtual ocean, we are actually assured that our knowledge and technical facility are updated, well exploited and are aptly customized to face a cross section of crisis. It's a great boost to our confidence and capability for our machines and medicines are as good as we are.

ISOAH is the organization which has been working towards eradicating hacking viruses from internet system for the longest time.

Read more to know about vulnerability stories.


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