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01 Feb, 2024
Don't Get Caught Unaware: 5 Advanced Hacking Tactics to Look Out For in 2024

A daily average of 2,200 cyberattacks. Are we still aware enough? What exactly is ethical hacking, and why is it critical to remain ahead of modern hacking techniques?

Cyber security is becoming increasingly vital in the modern digital world. With data breaches and malicious activities on the rise, protecting our networks is more vital than ever.

With the correct expertise, ethical hacking may help you predict potential threats and take preventative measures to safeguard yourself or your organisation. Cyber Security knowledge can be gained through a PG Diploma in Cyber Security or an Ethical Hacking course. These programmes give comprehensive instruction on all elements of ethical hacking, allowing students to learn the skills required to protect their networks from dangerous hackers.

These courses provide students with the information they need to quickly identify security weaknesses and prevent potential risks by training on cutting-edge tactics.

Here are five advanced hacking tactics worth looking out for in 2024:

1. Social Engineering

It has become a popular method for hackers attempting to obtain unauthorised access to sensitive information or accounts. Hackers can persuade users to disclose secret data or grant access to secured systems without raising suspicion from their targets by leveraging human psychology rather than technology.

2. Phishing attacks

It remains an efficient method for hostile actors to acquire easy and undetected access to vital information. These weapons of choice frequently mislead unwary users into clicking through by designing emails that appear legitimate but contain fraudulent links or attachments.

3. Malware Attacks

These refer to malicious software designed to steal data or cause havoc within a system by corrupting files or code (e.g., ransomware). It is specially designed to exploit technical flaws for its developers to obtain access or do damage without being detected by security software.

4. IoT Hacking

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to everyday devices that are connected to the internet, such as phones, appliances, fitness trackers, and so on. These devices frequently have weak security protocols, making them vulnerable targets for attackers looking for easier ways into networks than traditional methods would allow them.

5. Cloud Hacking:

Because of the absence of comprehensive control over cloud infrastructure compared to dedicated servers and other physical assets held directly by organisations, it makes it an appealing target for cybercriminals looking for new ways into systems.

6. 0-Day Exploit

A zero-day exploit is a computer exploit that is used against software vulnerabilities that the program vendor or developer is unaware of. This type of attack is typically carried out by malevolent hackers who take advantage of these vulnerabilities before they are detected and patched by developers.

7. Cryptojacking

It is a form of cyber-attack in which malevolent hackers take over victims' computers for profit. Hackers install software on victims' computers that mines bitcoins without their knowledge or consent.

8. Deepfakes

These are bogus videos made with artificial intelligence technology that can be used for a variety of malevolent objectives such as disinformation or altering public opinion about a person or organisation. These movies can be difficult to identify because they seem exactly like genuine recordings, making them extremely potent tools for malevolent actors.

How Can You Prepare for These Advanced Hacking Tactics?

As hacking techniques become more advanced by the day, it is critical to be prepared and keep one step ahead of cyber thieves.

  • Who are hackers & what is their motivation to hack?
  • Common Risks - Mobile, Wi-Fi, social media, Teleworking, etc.
  • Common gaps hackers will exploit in your network
  • Understand How Cyber Criminals Operate
  • Develop Your Technical Skills
  • Create Strong Passwords
  • Keep Your Software Up-To-Date
  • Stay Vigilant When Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

The Importance of maintaining current Ethical Hacking knowledge and skills. In today's ever-changing digital ecosystem, ethical hacking has become a must-have ability for anyone looking to safeguard their data and gadgets against cyber-attacks. As new technologies emerge, it is becoming increasingly necessary to keep your knowledge and abilities up to date. Those who can identify possible dangers and devise appropriate solutions can make a significant contribution to the battle against cybercrime. Cybercriminals are constantly seeking new ways to infiltrate networks; therefore, ongoing monitoring is essential.


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