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28 Dec, 2021
10 Years of ISOEH

10 Years of Strength, 10 Years of Excitement, 10 Years of Enthusiasm, 10 Years of Eagerness, 10 Years of Joyfulness, 10 Years of Fantasy, 10 Years of Nervousness, 10 Years of Fury, 10 Years of Zeal, 10 Years of Celebration…


Celebrating 10 years of a glittery journey
reminds us of the periods of travelling we have already crossed. Many Awards and Recognitions have been feathered on the cap of ISOEH that have accomplished ultimate commitments and pledge to efficient developmental growth.

The business has dramatically changed with added dynamics over the past decade, having matured to one of the leading players of the Cyber Security Industry. After expanding our services to the home and overseas we have left a mark on our clients with increasing the global requirements.

Mrs. Kamalika Chandra (Director, ISOEH) adds her version of
"The journey of ISOEH is absolutely amazing as I have been its part since its seeding. I have seen each and every block of brick and wood being placed to make all that we have now called Indian School Of Ethical Hacking. The path was almost a Road Not Ever Taken in the field of Cyber Security by any other startups. The budding concept of Cyber Security and its training has been our goal and we have always wanted to upskill more and more enthusiasts to the field of Digital Protection. Since then we have started growing and never looked back till date. We have also received many prominent and distinguished personnel with us to support for a greater cause of action. Hope this stunning journey of ISOEH continues and amplifies in its own way."

Stories to Conquer the Odyssey of ISOEH that celebrate the "Denary" are:

The story of COO of ISOEH develops from
"We at ISOEH always look forward to excellence. It all started back in 2011 when we started our journey as a Startup Cyber Security firm. We have never looked back since then, until the world was completely shattered by the pandemic. We at ISOEH have hone our skills more and more to upgrade and evaluate ourselves at every moment. With a great team of competent individuals we have acquired one of the best positions and margins in the market during the pandemic time too. We now, can proudly say that we have been in such a position where we have taken the firm into a successful increase of delivering noteworthy value to the consumers with resulting almost 200% growth of the organization for many years. We together have acquired skills to make a win-win situation for each of us. Being associated with ISOEH is one of the greatest and most interesting journeys ever."

Interestingly, Amrita Acharya, the lead auditor of ISOEH for (ISO 27001) shares her part of
"In an iconic way my odyssey of ISOEH is just astounding. ISOEH welcomed me just after my college days as a fresher when I was in my teenage years, but now I can say I made myself a corporate lady just because it stands with me like a pillar. I have been a part of ISOEH since its early days. It helps me to diversify my thoughts, deal with every vulnerability tactfully & maturely. While working with the ISOEH team I learnt to see things, just not only watching them through eyes but observing each & every minor things deeply, carefully through your eyes & analyzing them by using your brain. Being an ISO data security auditor, I am very keen to survey many many corporate companies just to ensure their 360 degree security on behalf of ISOEH. Strongly anticipating that all these achievements are still just the beginning, many more to cherish & conquer."

As we grew, Cyber Security training became one of the most important services of ISOEH which is now headed by Senior Information Security Analyst and Cyber Security Coach Mr Sanchayan Bhaumick. His story revolves around
"Joining the organization as Information Security Analyst in 2016. I have been into the roller coaster of a quest for attaining proficiency in the prospects of Cyber Security. Harnessing the knowledge of digital protection in various steps, I have been into teaching students since the first day of joining the organization. Training more than 100 students now the journey becomes really challenging yet pleasing to acquire excellence in the field."

"Each and every day brings a new Ray of Hope to our enthusiasm. We have been into this amazing working environment which is full of new adventures to be solved in each task"
quotes the employees.

The journey has just started to take its turn on roads and there is still a long way to go with the team that excites and enchants their mirth all the way round the years.


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