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17 Apr, 2020
Zero Day Exploits, the Latest Cyber Hacking Instrument on the Rise

The year 2019 has witnessed more number of cyber attacks using Zero-Day vulnerabilities than its 3 preceding years.

And there is a valid reason for the same.

It being due to more Zero-Day exploits coming up for sale by cyber weapon dealers like NSO Group, making the threat actor's job even easier for not having to design specific exploits to wreck the attack.

Sophisticated advanced persistent threat (APT) groups are no longer the only ones to leverage zero-day exploits. An analysis by Fire Eye says several other threat actors have shifted their hacking preferences to Zero Day.

The research from Fire Eye further revealed the United States, Russia, China and Middle East are the countries where Zero Day exploits have spread their wings.

APT group Stealth Falcon or Fruity Armoris one of the Middle East based hackers who have targeted journalists with the help of Zero Day exploits.

Also, the Sand Cat APT, which Kaspersky describes 'to be affiliated with Uzbekistan state intelligence', was observed using a Windows kernel zero-day bug (CVE-2019-0859) that allowed them to take full control of victims' systems.

Other Zero Day flaws include WhatsApp (CVE-2019-3568) used to distribute spyware, a flaw in Adobe Flash player (CVE-2018-15982) that was used to target a Russian healthcare organization, and an Android vulnerability (CVE-2019-2215) that was exploited in the wild in October 2019.

Other hackers who have taken advantage of Zero Day exploits are Chinese espionage group APT3, the North Korea-based APT37 threat actor group, and FIN6.

ISOEH is the organization that teaches cyber security enthusiasts the latest trends of ethical hacking.

Read on for more cyber security news: https://www.isoeh.com/exclusive-blog-details-The-Newest-Hacking-Tools-Of-2020-So-Far.html

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