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01 Jun, 2020
Truecaller Data Compromised; Hacker Puts Data for Sale for INR 75,000

Hacked! User data of more than 4.75 crore of Indian professionals have been compromised yet another time. This time, the hacker targeted the data from Truecaller, one of the most popular data service providers in India and abroad. The hacker targeted the user directory and took away the sensitive data of a large number of subscribers to Truecaller and sold it in the market for just $1000, which is equal to INR 75,000 (Rupees Seventy-five thousand only).

Accepting the incident, the spokesperson of Cyble, a top-rated intelligence firm said to the news correspondents, "We do not accept the case of theft as a breach. The person involved in the case of theft uses the name of the company just to make the data more reliable, and hence more valuable." "However, we are surprised by the fact that the data was sold in the market at an unbelievable cost." Added the Cyble spokesperson.

Speaking to the news reporters, the spokesperson of Truecaller said, "It all happened during the last few days of May 2020 when the incident occurred. However, we are sure that the hacker gets access to the compiled database that was created in 2019 and it includes phone numbers, gender, city, mobile network, and Facebook id of the users/subscribers." Our cyber experts are working day and night to counter the situation" added the Truecaller spokesperson.

The After-Effect:

Obviously, Truecaller might face some legal proceedings as the users claim that the company should have been more careful so that it could have protected the data from getting mishandled. Though no immediate reactions have been reached so far from the end of the uses, they seem to take some time before they decide an action! However, Truecaller promises the optimum measures to deny such a case again.

Can A Legal Action Improve The Situation?

The data experts do not find any reasons for this to happen. Cyble accepted the fact the research professionals at the company are doing a great job with their analysis of the theft. Though the company is not sure how long will it take to put things right, it believes that more efforts are needed to decide the case.

What ISOEH Has To Say?

ISOEH, a premier cyber security service provider from Kolkata in India, does not take it as a shock. The company believes that hacking is possible only when you stop caring about the data and databases. ISOEH has helped several clients to protect their mobile apps from security vulnerabilities using their penetration testing services. If you wish to keep your mobile apps secured, you need to have very good knowledge on the following topics - Android Application Penetration Testing & Comprehensive iOS Penetration Testing.

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