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20 Mar, 2020
What Do CISOs do when Corona Virus Meets Cyber Security Challenges?

When spring comes can winter be far behind?

Corona Virus spares no one.

Not even the virtual world.

Hence it's no wonder the global dais of information security will be skeptical like its real world counterparts and seek cover.

Particularly when bad actors are leaving no stone unturned to make the most of the virus infection.

But how exactly do you get it?

Researchers have zeroed down upon immediate remedies of corona affected cyber security issues of working from home on personal computers.

The two major trends in that regard are attacks that aim to steal remote user credentials and weaponized email attacks.

When a cross section of corporates work from home hackers have a field day out to steal data by remote attacks.

Here an attacker could easily hide a malicious login without being discovered by the concerned organization's cyber security team.

The researchers have further discovered a respective spike both in detected anomalous logins to its customers' environments and in customers accessing CyOps (Cynet MDR) to investigate suspicious logins to critical resources.

The other challenging aspect of corona affected cyber security is weaponized email attacks. Here 21% of phishing emails to unprotected home office showed simplistic attacks with a link to download a malicious executable contained in the email body, the vast majority having more advanced capabilities such as malicious Macros and exploits or redirection to malicious websites – a challenge that out powers the capabilities of most AV and email protection solutions.

With a cross section of employees quarantined or at work from home, constructive professional help to combat bad actors in the wild is even more impossible.

In the present scheme of things CISOs should evaluate their cyber security effectiveness before taking action.

Cynet, the US based giant IT consultant, will allow a 6 month complementary deployment of its product Cynet 360, on personal computers used by employees working from home.

It will also massively add staff to CyOps, its MDR services team, to cover for companies with reduced security staff because of the Coronavirus.

ISOAH is the go to organization in all kinds of IT crisis to ensure a safe and secure internet environment.

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