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13 May, 2020
Samsung Confirms Security Threats For Galaxy Mobile Phones After 2014 Edition

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Phone with versions from 2014, then you may have a reason to worry. This happens mainly because of Samsung's acceptance of a massive security threat that all Galaxy Mobile phones are likely to encounter, that were manufactured and marketed after 2014. It is indeed a serious concern for a large number of customers that owned a Samsung Galaxy after 2014. The number of such affected users may cross a few million users from all across the globe.

The Samsung experts feel that the situation gets serious due to 'Perfect 10' critical security vulnerability. It may result in the creation of arbitrary remote code execution (RCE) that can get activated even without any user interaction. The experts term it as 'Zero-click' vulnerability. This threat is predominantly active on all Galaxy handsets after 2014.

The threat was first noticed by Mateusz Jurczyk, the expert working actively on the Project Zero. Speaking to news correspondents of ZDNet, Mateusz said, "The most critical aspect of this vulnerability lies in the fact that it may affect the device even without the user's interaction, making it a perfect 'Zero-click' attack." "The threat is similar to the Zero-click exploit that the Project Zero team had lately experienced in the Apple ecosystem." added Mateusz.

The experts consider this threat very severe. When a 'perfect 10' security threat occurs under a common vulnerability scoring system (CVSS), then the risk reaches its height. This threat becomes larger with Samsung Galaxy phone as it handles Qmage image format in all its Android handsets. In the opinion of the experts, all Galaxy phones are open to the threat due to the Qmage image format.

At ISOEH, the experts believe that tackling such issues is possible provided things are monitored on a regular basis, and repair work is carried out whenever such threats are encountered. Mobile App penetration testing and IOT penetration testing is the solution to such problem. We do everything to find out safety measures to protect IT infrastructure from such vulnerabilities. Staying safe and keeping your systems safe are basic responsibilities that you must understand and carry out for your interest.

Say hello to the good hackers keeping you off from the bad ones. We take care of your devices and IT infrastructure to keep you free from all worries and anxieties. Keep yourself safe digitally too.

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