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28 Sep, 2020
Interesting Move From Google Playstore - Paytm App Is Removed From The Platform

Yes, it is true. Google Playstore removed Paytm from the platform due to its "Fantasy Game offering", on Friday, 18th September.

After this tough call, the Playstore also released a blog mentioning its policy on gambling applications. The blog didn't highlight Paytm's name but mentioned about gambling policies on its platform.

It is important to know that Google playstore doesn't entertain any online casino or sports betting app. Also, the platform verifies if any app redirects the users to any external channel to participate in any such activity (join virtual groups to win prizes). These are unbearable and strictly against the terms and conditions.

Google further mentioned that the developer of the app is informed about the policy violation and at the same time, the app is being removed. Nevertheless, the application could be restored once the app fully agrees with the platform policies.

After the removal of Paytm, their Twitter team informed its users about the mishap and assured them about the saved money in their Paytm accounts.

It was a relief to see the app back in the Google Playstore after a few hours, agreeing with the Paytm gambling policy. Paytm is one of the most used mobile apps in India. The app facilitates its users to pay bills, shop and enjoy the banking facility.

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