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02 Nov, 2020
How Can We Prevent Our Debit Card From Being Hacked?
  1. Do not hand it over to anyone at a restaurant or petrol pump. Ask to swipe in front of your eyes. Ask to bring the POS in front of you. Do not allow the guy to go out of your sight taking away your debit card. He can take photos of both sides of the debit card and use it on ecommerce sites without OTP or PIN.
  2. If you have contact less card, wrap it up in Aluminium foils while not in use.
  3. Do not use your debit card on any website which doesn’t start with https. The “s” in the URL stands for security (SSL). The url will show a small LOCK icon.
  4. Do not share your PIN with anyone. Anything which is an 8 - 20 digit number is as good as your password. Don’t share with anyone else.
  5. Do not keep too much balance in your bank account which is connected to your debit card. Keep two accounts. One without a debit card, have all the money. The one with a debit card, has small money. Transfer money from the first account to the second account when you need.
  6. Do not install untrusted Apps in your mobile. If you are doing banking transactions (any type) from your mobile, install minimum apps in that handset. Having Zomato, Uber, Swiggy is also a money transaction.
  7. Do not save your debit card in any ecommerce site for faster checkout. Unclick the button while you make the payment.
  8. Do not scan QR code or click on links if you are not sure.
  9. Do not install Teamviewer or Anydesk software on your mobile.
  10. When you install an App on mobile, double check what permission you are giving access to the app. Giving permission to SMS means you are giving the App access to your bank OTP.

You may also check out different types of phishing attacks which steals debit card - Social Engineering – learn about Techniques & Prevention.

Stay alert!!

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