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17 Mar, 2020
Hacking Holds Hands with Communal Vendetta, Maharashtra Government Pays the Price.

Delhi fights, Maharashtra pays.

Riots in Delhi concerning the citizenship feud refuse to spread its aftermath here and there in the country.

On Friday an Islamic hackers group called Legion hacked the website of Maharashtra CID as payback procedure to the Delhi massacre which caused the death of many Muslims.

The website that was hacked carried a picture of a horseman with a flag in hand and read, "In India, families of Muslims killed by Hindu mobs. Hundreds of Muslims lost their relatives and the Modi government is to blame for a rise in anti-Muslim rhetoric in India. The riots which erupted on the day US President Trump arrived in India for a visit, lasted three days, killing more than 45 people, mostly Muslim, and injuring at least 150 others."

The picture was captioned as the "The government of Imam Mahdi."

Imam Mahdi, who is also known as Al Mahdi, is according to Islamic belief, an emissary of the Allah who would appear on the final Day of Judgment to bring justice to the unruly world. The religious figure, though extremely important with the Shias is not exactly that popular with the Sunni sect of Islam.

The hackers further warned the Indian government to stop 'stop hurting Muslims'.

ISOAH is the organization that is extremely efficient in monitoring bugs and data security deficiencies against hackers.

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