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09 Jun, 2020
Government of India Bans WeTransfer

It happened when the government decides to ban the WeTransfer website in India. According to a news report appearing in Mumbai Mirror, the instructions have been put into force with immediate effect. WeTransfer has been a popular file-sharing website that was fairly popular among Indian users. As per a report, the website allowed transferring huge files with anyone without having a paid account. However, the capacity of the files increased for the paid subscribers. According to the sources, this huge capacity of transferring files using email addresses was a possible reason for the increasing popularity of the website.

Probably due to the increasing security threats, the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has come up with its decision of banning three specific URLs from accessing in India. In three separate directives issued to the Internet Service providers in India, the DoT has issued two URLs of two different websites from not getting access to India. On the third directive, the government bans the entire site from getting used in the country.

In the opinion of the expert in Internet services, the reason for the sudden ban on WeTransfer website was not clear to them. However, they are sure that the government of India must have noticed something objectionable in the services that made them decide in such a drastic manner. Due to sharper instructions from the DoT, most of the leading Internet Service Providers have already implemented it.

According to the experts, banning websites is not new in the country as a lot of disputed websites are facing banishment in the country. These websites were found guilty of malware practices. On the other hand, some other websites were found to be responsible for catering pornography content to Internet users in the country. On some occasions, the experts also find websites that spread anti-national content in them that were not good for the unity and integrity of India, as a bold country.

The Decision Of Banishment Is Correct:

When it comes to availing of the solid features of Internet services, the government has the authority to think positively towards purifying Internet utilities. Keeping this in mind, the experts support the Initiative of the DoT as it aims at making India a place that should be free from all unethical activities on the Internet. Due to these policies and strategies of the Government of India, the number of banned websites in the country has gone up by more than 442 percent. Isn’t it alarming?

At ISOEH, we support the Government of India for the stern action it has taken to help the people keep safe and healthy against all odds. Here, the institute wishes to cooperate with the governmental or non-governmental organizations to bring people in the country complete peace in mind!

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