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16 Jul, 2020
Cybercriminals are exploiting inactive domain to launch malvertising campaigns

Even a dormant or inactive domain can turn bad and begin pointing to partner program pages, phishing sites, or even malware. According to Kaspersky, researchers found about 100 websites for sale on one of the world's biggest auction platforms, and these sites redirect visitors to over 2500 unexpected & unwanted URLs.

Many of these URLs were set up to download the slayer trojan, a nasty piece of malware designed to steal information from mac OS computers.

Between March 2019 to February 2020 89% of these domains were redirected to ad related pages while 11% went to malicious sites, which either contained malicious script users to install malware or download infected attachments.

Think before you click

Hackers have been using more complex malvertising schemes that pose a far more serious threat.

In July2020, a malvertising campaign utilized the Purple Fox EK, that exploited internet explorer 11 via the CVE- 2020-0647.

How to stay protected

Users should install ad blockers & use a trusted security solution with anti-phishing features in order to stay protected from malvertising attacks. Avoid clicking on ads, especially on unknown websites. Users should keep all their operating systems, browsers, and plugins updated with latest security patches.

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