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20 Nov, 2020
Cyber attack In Ghaziabad's Hospital - Is It Google?

Google is a search engine and provides various internet amenities to its users for advancement and betterment (Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, and many others). The renowned organizations never entertain hackers or any malicious activities. Google is a symbol of trust for corporate.

Though they are many clever illegal groups who use Google's name to hack systems and play scams on people. Similarly, a case was found in Ghaziabad's hospital.

At Chandra Laxmi Hospital in Ghaziabad, a scamster has hacked the landline number and looted money from their patients, who called to have an appointment.

Let's know the complete story -

Firstly, the scammer called the hospital posing as a Google representative and informed the executive that the hospital's number will be deleted from the Google listing. Hence, they need to verify their hospital phone number to continue the services.

To verify the number, the scammer was instructed to dial *72*7047802338# from the hospital's registered number.

With the fear of disconnection from Google services, the representative followed the instructions and unknowingly diverted all their calls to the hacker's number. Now, all calls are being forwarded to the scammer with the help of this trick.

As expected, patients and clients started calling the hospital's number which was received by the hacker. Then, the cybercriminal acted as a hospital employee and asked the patients to online deposit a token fee of Rs 5, to book the appointment in advance.

Now, when the customers were ready to make the payment, the cybercriminal sent them the wrong payment link and asked for the OTP.

The scam continued till the clients reported to the hospital directly about the huge payment deductions from their bank account. There were around 10 patients who reported the same issue.

On these complaints, the hospital has contacted the local police station to look into the matter. The police have started the investigation and are looking to trace the scammer's phone number and the bank account (where the money was transferred).

Please note that Google never calls you to verify your business. Keep checking your inbox for any update from Google. Also, verify the representative whenever they call you or tell them to send you an email.

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