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20 Jul, 2020
Beware Malicious Android Malware Affecting Android Apps and Stealing Personal Details but You Need Not To Delete These Apps

A new threat discovered by security researchers PayPal, Gmail, Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok are just a few of the hugely popular apps targeted by the latest Android malware but fortunately, it's pretty to stay safe.

BlackRock was exposed as it is targeting a long list of reputable & crazy popular Android apps, including everything from PayPal to Gmail,Yahoo Mail, Uber, Netflix, Ebay, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and even Google's own play store in not less than 337 potential victims.

For many people that might be pretty much everything they use mobile devices on a regular basis, so the solution to this problem is not to delete all these apps & seek less popular alternatives and you should be careful about what you install and from where you install and updates, the apps themselves are not malicious.

The main goal of BlackRock malware is to steal credit card details. It is not clear what you can do to clean your phone from this BlackRock malware if you fall trap to such vicious attack that will quickly spread across your system without leaving trace.

That is because the Trojan will prevent most antivirus programs from starting in addition to phishing everything from yours financial information to your social media usernames and passwords.

While far from new or innovative as it’s is core, this is chilling banking trojan does a few things differently from its forerunners dubbed lokibot, parasite, mysterybot and xerxes. Instead of adding new features and increases its complexity, which is in the case in dark world, BlackRock is actually keeping things simpler than ever, with focus on the most useful functions in term of stealing personal information.

With an expanded compared to previous banking malware is the target list, with an unusually high number of trending social and dating apps joining the typical group of financial services from institutions located in the US, as well as Australia and various European countries.

Still the simplest, safest and foolproof way to stay protected from this type of threat install a reliable antivirus solution before suspecting a cyberattack, and periodically checks your app permissions, as well as your credit card statements for any unauthorized transactions.

It would be better to install all the android apps from your Google play store other than getting link from your friend to get install.

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