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19 Oct, 2020
Hackers Hacked Into 50,000 Home CCTV; Learn How To Protect Your CCTV

As reported, around 50,000 home cameras are claimed to be hacked by an unknown hacking group. Moreover, cybercriminals have stolen the video clips and pictures, and uploaded some of it on the internet.

The video clips range from one to twenty minutes and have been found of people mostly in personal gestures and various stages of undress. The videos include couples, breastfeeding mums, and even children. Many of the videos have been uploaded on porn websites.

The clips appear to be from the IP cameras and are expected to be from Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, and Canada.

As per the investigation, the hacking group was found on "Discord", a social messaging account. The group has around 1000 members on the social platform from all over the globe. Moreover, it is reported that around 3TB video data has been shared with 70 members, who have subscribed to a lifetime membership with a fee of USD 150.

Besides, the evils have shared free data of 700 MB as "Sample" (4000 leaked videos and pictures).

Jake Moore, ESET Security Specialist said,

“As worrying as it may seem, this comes as a clear reminder that when cameras are placed on the internet, they must be properly installed with security in mind. When smart devices are set up, they are still regularly placed around the home with no second thought for privacy,”

Besides, it is expected that people will be extra cautious regarding their security camera set-ups.

IP cameras are risky as they are connected to the internet which is a resource for cybercrime activists. Hacking these IP cameras is not much challenging for them. Sometimes, it becomes easier for them due to our poor password management.

How to safeguard your security cameras?

  • Update your software at home
  • Use strong passwords
  • Change your passwords frequently
  • Don't share personal details online

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