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Course Details:
  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • What are the threats and how to stay safe?
  • Social, mobile, cloud - threats and mitigation
  • Lab Setup
  • System Hacking and protection
  • Password Security and hacking
  • Hacking Windows password
  • Website hacking (OWASP top 10)
  • Using Google as hacking tool
  • Gmail, Facebook Hacking & protection
  • How to do Web Application Penetration Testing
  • How Hackers Hide their identity while performing the attack
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Kali Linux & Metasploit (live demo)
  • Vulnerability Assessment & penetration testing - Tools
  • Encryption and steganography (tools &techniques)
  • Hiding messages behind images
  • Scanning and structuring of network
  • Port scanning and countermeasure
  • Tools used by professionals for Ethical Hacking / VAPT
  • Report Writing
  • Future Scope
Rs.4,500/- Inclusive of all taxes per participant
Course Details:
  • Fundamentals of Reverse Engineering
  • Assembly language basic
  • Basics of Windows Registers
  • Lab Setup
  • Different Types of Reverse Engineering Attacks
  • Basics of Python
  • Buffer Overflow attack
  • Buffer overflow live practical
  • How to write your own exploit
  • Fundamentals of Code Caving
  • Windows PE Structure
  • Backdooring PF files (Practical)
  • How to use LordPE in Reverse Engineering
  • Basics of Hex Editor
  • Write your own shellcode
  • Zero-day Hunting
  • Future Scope of Reverse Engineering
Rs.4,500/- Inclusive of all taxes per participant
Course Details:
  • History of Bug bounties
  • Difference between Penetration Test and Bug Bounties
  • How a Pentester turns into a bug bounty hunter?
  • Platforms, ways to participate
  • Bug Hunter Methodology Android
  • Bug Hunter Methodology Web
    • The tricks and tips
    • Practicals of approaching a target
    • Creating the best possible of the scope
    • Where to look and what to look for
    • XSS, CSRF, SQLi, IDOR…
    • How much important is the report?
    • Best tools to use
  • Bug Hunter Methodology IOS
  • Let's do it right now…
  • Legal issues and being safe
  • Best of the submissions - Hackerone
  • How to Learn and improvise
Rs.4,500/- Inclusive of all taxes per participant
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