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Your college degree will make you a fresher. Before you graduate from college, learn the latest technologies adopted by the industry & earn some valuable experience with on-job training on Live projects. Our 5 level course (each 1 month) will equip you with all the latest technologies starting from basic level C to advance level, Oracle. Students who pass with high grades will be put on LIVE projects under the guidance of highly experienced coders at our Sector-V Software Division, where they see all phases of SDLC. At the campus interview or while you search for better jobs, you will be miles ahead of your fellow classmates.

Working professionals who wish to switch to new technology will also find the course helpful.



40 hours - 2 classes per week



Meant for Freshers

Course Fees

Course Fees

Class Room Training

Inclusive of all taxes

Online Training

Inclusive of all taxes

Course Details

C Programming

  • Introduction to programming
  • Decision making
  • Switch case
  • Different types of loop
  • User defined functions
  • Arrays: Single and multi dimensions
  • String
  • Structure
  • Pointer
  • File handling
  • Storage class

Data Structure

  • Overview of data structure
  • Arrays and pointers
  • Recursion
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Link list
  • Insertion and deletion from the list
  • Stack using array and link list
  • Queue using array and link list
  • Circular queue
  • Priority queue
  • Arrays: different types searching and sorting
  • Tree
  • Binary Tree
  • Complete binary tree
  • Array representation of binary tree
  • Different traversal of a binary tree
  • Threaded binary tree
  • Binary search tree
  • Searching, Insertion and deletion
  • AVL trees
  • B+ tree
  • Hashing
  • Graph theory

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