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40 hours - 2 classes per week



Java, OOPs Concept, Android Basics

Course Fees

Course Fees

Inclusive of all taxes

Course Details

Multithreading6 Hours
  • Thread
  • Using Java Multithreading classes
  • How to use Handler Class
  • UI Thread
  • Android Applications on Multithreading(My Splashscreen,Stopwatch,ThreadHandler)
Sensors in Android4 Hours
  • Sensor Listener
  • Sensor Manager
  • Sensor Events
  • Android Application on Sensors(Accelerometer and Proximity)
Android Location Based Services6 Hours
  • Geo-Coding and Reverse Geo-Coding
  • Intent Service
  • How to get Location address in an Android app
  • Application to track the user's Location(Latitude, Longitude and Address)
Android Google Maps4 Hours
  • Discussion on Google API Console
  • How to create Google Maps API key,Google Places API key
  • Android Google Map Application Development to place the marker in user's current location,search any places and navigate
Android Web Services6 Hours
  • Uses and Characteristics of Json in Real Time
  • Json Parser
  • UI Thread and what is Async Task
  • Async Task Operations(onPreExecute(), doInBackground(), onPostExecute())
  • API formation
  • Android Applications to parse Json Data from API
Android WebView4 Hours
  • How to design and Develop Android Web Application for any Website
Android WiFi4 Hours
  • Wifi Manager API
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Android Wifi Application
Android Bluetooth4 Hours
  • Bluetooth Adapter
  • Bluetooth Permissions
  • Android Bluetooth Application Development
Android Application Security2 Hours
  • How to Secure the Android Application?
  • APK attack surface
  • Application Obfuscation
  • Mobile Application security scanner

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